Saturday April 24, 2004

Roadside oddities

For many years, I have noted the not infrequent presence of shoes along the roadside (more frequently, in one of the lanes, on the road itself). It's usually a single shoe. I've even read short articles and news paper columnists commenting on the single-shoe-on-the-road phenomenon.

Spouse has recently brought another such roadside oddity to my attention — the orphan traffic cone. There it sits, blaze orange and forlorn, bereft of its companions, alone by the roadside. Why is it there? What brought it to this location? Why was it left?

How could anyone possibly abandon a blaze orange 24"-high rubber traffic cone by accident?

There's generally no sign of present or even former construction. Only the lone cone.

Today I had a thought. Perhaps the cones have not been abandoned after all. Perhaps they have migrated to their current location, having been brought there without their consent. I recalled an incident from years ago in Anaheim, California. As I waited to cross the major boulevard that passes in front of the Disneyland main gate, a van came down the street. Trapped under the front bumper of the van, being pushed along the road, was an orange traffic cone, carried who knows how far from its former location.

Perhaps, like spiders, ladybugs, and the occasional errant snail (all of which have, at one time or another, hitched a ride on my car), traffic cones are not to much left as brought to their lonely place by the side of the road, there to stand, guarding nothing in blaze orange vigilance until a passing CalTrans crew eventually happens by, takes notice, and takes them home.

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