Wednesday April 21, 2004

Barkeater Lake

Barkeater Lake is a new strip by Corey Pandolph, featured on

Barkeater Lake follows the exploits of Delores Tanzini, of Brooklyn, N.Y., who decides to give up her crazy hectic life in the city for a quieter, saner existence. When she moves to a small town in the Adirondack Mountains of upstate New York, she slowly realizes she's stumbled into an entirely different brand of crazy.

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The strip is a little strange at times. There are no cats, but there is a dog. His name is Banks. .

An accomplished pilot, physics professor, and man of the world, Banks may be the smartest guy in town. The problem is, he's a dog. Chuck's dog.

Chuck is a retired Olympic bobsledder, fireman, policeman, Marine and current owner of Chuck's, the town's bar.

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Then there's Delores.


Hailing from Brooklyn New York, Delores has recently accepted the job of gym teacher for Barkeater High. She never actually had the interview she flew up to have... in fact, she hasn't seen the school yet. But she's been offered the job under extenuating circumstances (the principal's a little frazzled; his wife just had a baby) and she's accepted.


I've been enjoying my daily excursions to Barkeater Lake. Try it. You may enjoy it.

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