Monday April 19, 2004

Treasures 2004_16

Treasures are positive things that strike my fancy, things that make me feel happy or thankful or interested, things that are worth remembering. Treasures are memories encapsulated in just a few words.

I gather my treasures throughout the week. I hope you'll consider starting your own list of Treasures -- here, or in your personal weblog or journal. If you enjoy this sort of thing, take a look at the participation positives web ring.

My treasures for the past week include

  • Really pretty flowering trees downtown (near our favorite restaurant) with puffy upside-down cones of pale pinkish blossoms; I don't know what they are but they're happy.
  • Rich installed a ceiling fan in the dining room; hurrah!
  • A street sign for Avy Av
  • A sweet loving Squirrel kitty coming to ask what's wrong when I was upset and unhappy, hugging, snuggling, purring, licking my face and generally helping me to feel better. Medicinal pussycats. Fur therapy.
  • Dark grey, towering storm clouds at twilight, a spattering of rain, the smell of wet concrete previously warmed by the sun.
  • Bright pink geraniums (3 shades!) in the front yard of a house down the street from us
  • Squirrel blowing kitty kisses
  • Cat naps - naps with cats
  • Two (very quick!) return calls from recruiters in response to job applications I sent in.
  • Our new shredder, still impressing me! (It's quiet and it REALLY goes through paper)
  • Raven hopping up on the bed for a quick cuddle in the middle of the night, then off to investigate something
  • Squirrel appearing a little later and settling in for a good long nap
  • Mezzaluna ferociously attacking my nightshirt on the bed this morning - bite, kickkick!, growwl, gnash
  • Bebop greeting Rich after a long day - I haven't seen you for HOURS
  • Raven playing hide & seek under the throw pillows on the couch
  • Little brown birds in the garden and at the feeder
  • Blackbird song - Hey Vi-ki
  • Victorian House concentrated coffee
  • Bebop, our ergonomic monitor. There is software one can get that beeps if you work too long without taking a break. What Bebop is very soft in what he wears and he also beeps if I work too long :-) The software suggests flexing your wrists or taking a walk. Bebop approves of wrist flexing and believes that scritching a kitty is the perfect way to flex your wrists.
  • A callback from a recruiter about a possible job; they sent me an NDA and the pre-interview qualification "test"

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