Tuesday April 13, 2004

Computer Meme

[ Today's meme is courtesy of Thursday Threesome ]

Computer Anti-Virus Software:

Onesome: --Computer
What was/is your first computer? A clunky old Commodore or something a touch more modern?

Twosome: --Anti-Virus
Have you ever had a computer virus? How bad was it? Or are you one of the lucky ones who have managed to avoid them?

Threesome: --Software
What piece of software really made you more productive on your computer?

Onesome: --Computer

I used an IBM mainframe (via a card reader) in my High School computer class and another IBM mainframe (again via card reader from the sattellite computer centers) in College I also took a College class that used a Radio Shack TRS 80 (I wrote a version of MasterMind in BASIC). My University got its first CRT terminals the year after I graduated.

In Grad school, I used a Univac and yet another IBM mainframe, both via remote terminals with line-editors (progress :-). I wanted a Commodore Vic-20 or an Apple II but I could never quite convince myself what I wanted a "personal computer" for. I certainly didn't want it for storing recipes or balancing my checkbook and I certainly couldn't use it for class projects.

Then I started seeing my to-be-hubby, Rich. Rich had recently ordered one of the earliest Sun Microsystems workstations (serial number 285). It didn't even have a graphical interface yet! This was a year before the first Macintosh was announced.

Rich and I learned Unix together on that Sun 1. I discovered how much fun programming could be with a terminal and full-screen text editor instead of cards or a line editor. I also discovered all the many things that could be done with a "personal" desktop computer. I never looked back.

Today we each have a blue&white PowerMac G3 (we're a bit behind the hardware curve :) running Mac OS X. We each have a G3 Powerbook as well. I spend most of my waking hours working with my Mac (and the Net) and I love it. Professionally, I'm a programmer, web weaver, and documentation specialist. I do all kinds of things with my computer — things I could never have foreseen back in 1979. (I even, occasionally, balance my checkbook on the computer... and I have perhaps 4 or 5 recipes stored in text files and posted on my Web pages :-)

Twosome: --Anti-Virus

I may have found a virus once, back sometime in 1986. I haven't had one since then, certainly. Macs may not be immune to viruses (although many of the current crop, e.g. email viruses, couldn't get a foothold in the Mac OS X design) but besides that, Mac OS just doesn't seem to be as interesting a target for the virus designer kiddies. Windoze, by comparison, sees one or six new viruses a day.

Threesome: --Software

My favorite productivity enhancing applications are BBEdit (my favorite text editor), Eudora (the world's best email program), my Web browser (I use Safari), my terminal program (these days, that's Apple's Terminal.app, included in Mac OS X), and DragThing (so much more than a simple "dock replacement"). I also run Circus Ponies NoteBook (for storing all sorts of notes, journal entries, etc.) and iChat (instant messaging), as well as PathFinder (a "Finder-like file manager") and Palm Desktop (calendar and alarms; I still prefer this over iCal).

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