Friday April 9, 2004

Fast Women

Fast Women is another "must read" book by contemporary romance author Jennifer Crusie. You'll feel that the characters are people you know well; you won't like all of them, but then, that's to be expected. The dialog is brisk and fun to read. Riley McKenna, in particular, exhibits a dry sense of humor I really liked. I like Riley a lot. I also like his cousin Gabe and the sisters-in-law: Nell, Suze, and Margie. I don't much like the women's (ex)husbands, but then, I'm not really supposed to. As cads, however, they are expertly well-drawn.

Fast Women is about relationships, embezzlement, dog-napping, adultery, blackmail, "finding" yourself, starting over, ugly business cards, a 20-year-old suicide, 63-year-old office furniture, murder, and sex. Try it. I really liked it.

By the way, this is the fourth book by Jennifer Crusie that I have read and I'm starting to notice a trend. All four books I've read so far are set in a (different) small town in Ohio. All four books contain a (small) dog. And all four heroines are sharp, likeable, and in their late thirties or early forties (as are the heroes). The other two books, Crazy for You and Tell Me Lies, were a little lighter than Fast Women and Faking It, but likeable nonetheless.

Jennifer Crusie - collect them all :-) I am.

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