Saturday April 3, 2004

In My Room

Inspired by a writing prompt from Journal Inspirations (this entry was written on March 25, 2004).

Describe the room you are in right now. How does this room make you feel?

I am sitting in my favorite room of our house, my office. My office is approximately 10x14 feet in dimension and I share it with no one but the cats. My workstation is a Power Macintosh G3 (with three 1280x1024 resolution monitors), running Mac OS X. Above each monitor is a "bucket" from Office Depot, with a faux "sheepskin" liner in the bottom.; The cats love to sleep above my monitors (and I love to look up and see them). The liner (the sort of thing you buy at the petstore) is comfy for the kitties and has the added benefit of preventing cat hair from sifting into my monitors.

I have three desks, two large (6' x 3') wooden desks and a smaller (5' x 2') metal desk. One of the wooden desks holds my computer and monitors (elevated above the desk by a nice wooden monitor stand built by my DH); the other wooden desk is where I do all of the bills and other paperwork. The metal desk sits against the opposite wall and is mainly used as a storage cabinet. Sitting on the metal desk is a 9-drawer wooden cabinet (originally a dresser, I think :-) from the thrift store; the cabinet provides more storage. The top of the cabinet is shared equally by part of my collection of stuffed animals and a folded blanket. The latter provides another place for cats to sleep.

As you may have guessed, my office is designed for two things. It's meant to be a place where I can work, of course,. And it's meant to be a haven for cats. To that end, I also have a comfy armchair with a blanket thrown over it (my DH sits there when he "drops in" for a visit). And there's a soft "kitty cup" bed at the end of my paperwork desk, on an extra-wide windowsill. Bebop is currently curled up in the kitty cup; he resembles swirled butterscotch. The extra-wide windowsill is a piece of board, also made by my DH, that spans the area between the regular (6") windowsill, and the end of my desk, specially built to accommodate a cat or two.

One full end of my office is closet space, almost 30" deep, with a double set of sliding doors. I've attached whiteboard (actually Abitibi or Marlite, white bathroom wallboard, available at a lumber&hardware emporium near you) to the upper halves of all four doors. The closet has two shelves and is otherwise filled from floor to just below the lower shelf with metal racks, wooden cabinets, and other thrift-store storage cabinets. The closet holds stuff (LOTS of stuff) - jigsaw puzzles, my beloved (but no longer used) 35mm film cameras, office supplies, books, greeting cards waiting to be sent (I collect), notebooks and notepads (I collect those too :-), a drawer full of felt for occasional projects, my High School yearbooks, ...

Behind my computer desk (sharing the wall with the metal storage desk) is a 7' tall, 4' wide wooden bookcase with whiteboard doors. It contains more of my stuffed animal collection along with yet more books (of course). Running along just under the ceiling, on both the closet wall and the storage (bookshelf/desk) wall, is a 1"x12" pine shelf, installed by my father on a past visit, holding yet more stuffed animals. Whenever I acquire a new stuffy, Hubby tells me "You can keep it in your office).

The opposite wall from the closet, at the far end of the paperwork desk, contains a picture window (recall the windowsill I mentioned). When we bought the house, this window looked out onto an often chilly patio. Within a few years, we added a sunroom to the back of the house; my office window now looks into the sunroom.

The two side panels of the window were originally openable, crank-style, casement windows. We removed the cranks and the glass, leaving the screens. This provides airflow from my office to the sunroom (and vice versa) as well as sound. There are low bookcases on the other side of the window, so the cats can hop up and look through the window, into my office, at me. They often do this, and enjoy talking to me through the screen.

I grew up in a large house with my own bedroom; from junior high on I had two rooms of my own - my bedroom and an office/workroom. Having my own room is something that has always been very important to me. (My sister also had a private bedroom and "spare" room but she didn't use hers the way I used mine). Hubby and I have always assured that we each have our own space, a personal office, in each of the places we have lived.

When we first toured this house, before we made an offer and bought it for ourselves, I walked into this room and my head and heart said "Mine". Another woman, walking through, commented to a friend "This would make a nice sewing room" and without conscious thought, my mind replied "You can't have this room. It's Mine!". (Good thing I didn't say that out loud :-)

At the moment it is raining. The rain falls on the glass roof of the sunroom. I can hear the rain, and see it on the glass, from my seat in front of the computer, Rain on the roof has a cheerful, soothing sound.

I love my room, my office, my private domain, shared with the cats, visitors welcome, but always, at the heart of it, mine.

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