Sunday March 28, 2004

The Attic of My Mind

This prompt came from Journal Inspirations, an elist for journaling.

What does your "dream" attic look like?

My dream attic is dry and not too hot, with a board floor and the smell of wood, not unlike my grandmother's attic. Like her attic, it has treasures waiting to be discovered (unlike her attic, it has many more treasures). It is an attic made up of all the attics in all the children's books I have ever read and loved.

There's an old sewing machine in one corner, and a rocking horse. Of course there's a dressmaker's dummy and trunks full of old clothes. There are scrapbooks of photographs dating back to the turn of the century, and a pile of newspapers dating back to before the Civil War. There is a box full of letters, tied with ribbon. There are boxes of board games and old card games, games that were popular long ago. There's a Victrola and a box of wax cylinder recordings.

There's a window in the gable at each end with the sun beaming through on a sunny afternoon (a little light even on a rainy day) and a single bare bulb hanging from the ceiling. There are mysterious boxes and half-recognized items tucked under the eves. I could spend hours up here, exploring.

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