Friday March 26, 2004

Quartet for a Friday morning

I've started playing with poetry again. One of my journaling list groups publishes prompt words every week or two. There's always a "poem" word. Three of the past poem words have been: Blanket, Sleeping, Clean.

For the first two pieces, I played with senryu (senryu has the same structure as haiku but doesn't require a seasonal reference). The fourth entry recasts one of the previous words (Sleeping) as a different part of speech (Sleep). (To be honest, I composed this one because I misremembered the third posted word; inspiration comes in odd forms :-)


Blanket on my bed
Cats sleep in warm swirls on top
I sleep underneath


Sleeping with the cats
Rain pattering on the roof
I snuggle closer


My cat sits on the windowsill
Grooming his perfect tail
He washes his feet
Keeps his whiskers so neat
He does this each day without fail

A cat must have a grooming gene
No hair out of place have I seen
Before man invented the washing machine
Cats invented the meaning of "clean"

Cat Song

Now I lay me down in bed
Purring cat beside my head
Another lies upon my chest
Trilling song to speed my rest

Now I lay me down to sleep
Soft companions I will keep
Close beside me through the night
Waking with the morning light

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