Thursday March 25, 2004

Spring is Here

This is Wednesday's prompt from Purple Ink. This was a perfect prompt, coming at a perfect time. I had been out yesterday morning, and when I came home, my African daisies were all open in the front yard, faces to the sun. I just had to take some photos! Then I decided to take the camera out to the back garden and take more photos. The tulips are up, the white lilac is absolutely covered in blossoms (and I can never resist burying my face in them). So I took a bunch of pictures and then I wrote a poem and worked on the page for that, getting it all set up.

And THEN I did this prompt. So everything fits together. Life is but a giant Jigsaw puzzle.

How does Spring make you feel?

Spring is longer days. Spring is warmer weather, no need for a jacket.

Spring is a fervent Goodbye and Good Riddance to Winter, to Winter's short days, long nights, too much dark and not enough light. Spring is enough rain that things are still green for another month or two before they start to become brown and dry in the summer.

Spring starts here on February 1 when the first ornamental plum trees burst into flower. It ends sometime in June when we have the last of the rainfall until Autumn.

Spring is flowers everywhere, in my garden, along the roads, in people's yards. Spring is a profusion of blossoms. Spring is tulips, pink, red, and yellow. Spring is Magnolia and Plum trees blooming. Spring is the white lilac in my yard, exuberant with flowers. Spring is happy plants, waking after hibernation, reaching for the sun.

Spring is all the senses relishing the season. Spring is sights and tastes and sounds and smells. Spring is the feel of the sun on my face.

Spring is a constant, light, almost-evasive perfume on the breeze. Spring is opening the windows for the cats and letting that breeze flow into the house and sweep out the corners.

Spring is light. Spring is color. Spring is poetry. Spring is song.

Spring is new life. Spring is a new year. Spring makes me feel alive and well and happy.

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