Saturday March 20, 2004

If I Ran a Restaurant

[ This is the fourth of five questions from this week's Friday 5 ]

If I Ran a Restaurant

I probably wouldn't ever actually start a restaurant; it's a lot of work. It's also fun to dream about. Maybe, if I hired the chef and staff and everything...

Anyway, if I owned a restaurant, it would be a Pennsylvania Dutch Family Style restaurant in Northern (i.e. Central Coastal) Bay Area California. You find quite a few restaurants like this in south-eastern Pennsylvania, especially in Lancaster County. I really miss the opportunity to get this sort of food.

I'd serve pot roast, roast turkey, fried ham, fried chicken and mashed potatoes, stewed chicken and waffles, pork and sauerkraut, stuffed pork chops, ham pot pie, deep-dish chicken pie, and roast beef. I'd serve lots of different vegetables and side dishes, several varieties of pies and ice cream, and of course, homemade bread. I'd serve homemade butter too. Yummmmm.

Diners would have the choice of eating "family style" (as is done in many of the restaurants in PA). If you come in with your own family, you might eat with just them, or you might find yourself at a table for 6 or 8 and joining other people for your meal. In any case, the food would be served in serving bowls and on platters and passed around the table.

Any restaurant of mine would serve breakfast — eggs, waffles, pancakes, omelettes, sausage, ham, bacon, fried potatoes, fresh fruit, and homemade toast and jam. Of course it would serve breakfast all day! It would also have at least two choices of soup each day and a full salad bar. For displaced Pennsylvanians, we'd offer pie for breakfast :-)

I'd probably have a "small dining room" which would cater to people who wanted to order just a plate and not eat family style as well as the "family style dining room", to give people more choice. I'd be sure the place was open until midnight, seven nights a week.

Now I'm hungry.

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