Wednesday March 17, 2004

Channeling Harry Homeowner - Table for Six

Our dining table is revamped and can seat six comfortably; 8 or 10 if they're really god friends :-).

After we finished our kitchen / dining room re-flooring project, we decided to replace our previous dining table. The new "table" is actually composed of two, 2.5' x 4', blond wood tables. Rich had to slice a bit off the legs of one to make them the same height (in theory, they were purchased as "identical" tables, but theory and practice differ more in practice than in theory).

Because we had actually two tables and wanted them to appear to be one table, I went out and bought a vinyl tablecloth at Target. The tablecloth was meant to cover a 4 x 6 table; ours was 4 x 5. We had space... So we got to talking, and thinking... and designing.

AUT_2396 Then we went to the lumber store and bought a 4x8 sheet of 3/8" particle board and had two 1' wide pieces sliced off the end. Rich attached those pieces underneath in the center like a very stubby stem to a very wide-topped T. AUT_2400 The "stem" of the T drops between the two original tables, separating them by another foot, and makes an extra section of table top 1 foot wide and just as thick and solid as the rest, between the two tables. Et voila! — a 4' x 6' surface. Then we put the tablecloth back over it and poof! big table.

(In case you're wondering, the black blob at the left side of the photo on the right, above, is Raven, enjoying the a new "place" ;-)

AUT_2399 At this point in our table project, the only weird part was the legs. This being, technically, two tables, there were 4 legs on a side. Also, the two tables had different styles of legs (they really were sold as "identical" tables. :( However, innovation once more to the rescue — we came up with a plan for that too.

AUT_2398 Rich removed all of the legs and reattached them so the outer four are identical (that was my idea). Then he moved the two "center" legs on each side, adjusting them 18 inches deeper toward the center point (that was his idea).


All 8 legs are still present for stability but out of the way of anyone sitting anywhere around the table. The result looks very much like a "normal" 4' x 6' dining table; the visible legs are all alike. And we now have a table that will seat 6 very very comfortably, 8 or even 10 if they're cozy.


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