Tuesday March 16, 2004

Last of the Purple Prompts (week of 3/7)

What is your favorite season? Why?

My favorite season is Spring! Spring! Spring!

The days get LONGER again (the sun won't set today until 6:15 today, with twilight for another half hour after that! . The air is cool to warm, but rarely hot or cold. I can open the windows again for the kitties to smell the air and listen to the sounds outside. The hills are still green from winter (winter is our rainy season here), not yet brown (summer). Ornamental flowering trees are bursting with buds and color. There are some incredible puffy yellow things and the plums are frothy pink. There are daffodils and Cala lilies and even tulips. Years ago, someone planted patches of daffodils along the highway south of here, in an area that's mostly cow pasture; this is a great time to drive through there!.

What is your favorite type of day weather wise? Why?

We've been having it all week - blue sky, "room temperature" warm weather, a few clouds, clear to the horizon. No rain, not too hot, a light breeze. I can walk out of the house without a jacket or sweater. A sparkly, crystalline day!

Describe what your journal looks like.

These days my journal is all online. I've got a neat program called CircusPonies NoteBook (for Mac OS X) I have "lined paper" with 3 "punch holes" (and due to the marvels of Mac OS X, I can actually see through the "holes" and see whatever is underneath on the screen! Isn't that wild?!"

NoteBook provides me with the "magic notebook" I always wanted. No section is ever too small; I can rearrange things at will if I need to. The notebook grows to accommodate what I write. I've settled on sections by Month with one "page" for each day of the month and a page for a generally summary at the end of each month. Next year, I'll be able to come back and do the same dates on the same pages and compare! The summary ("conspectus"; I wanted an unusual word for a page title) is where I can list books I've read, movies I saw, special things I did or places I went for the month).

What is love? How do you know you're in love?

Love is having your pulse rate go up when the loved one walks in the room. Love is a smile that forms by itself when you see the loved one across the room. Love is anticipating when he or she will get home. Love is giving the loved one your last bite of cake, last bit of chicken, last swallow of milk. When you're with the loved one, no one else matters. Love is wanting to be with that person more than anyone else. Love is willing to let the loved one spend some time with other people, without you. Love is hugs and snuggles and shared laughter and eye contact. Love is inside jokes and shared history. Love is little things. Love is unexpected, pleasant surprises. Love is when he or she seems to read your mind. Love is a feeling of peace and contentment in the presence of the loved one.

What type of car do you drive? What does it look like?

We have two: a black 1994 Toyota Camry sedan with about 100,000 miles and a maroon 1989 Toyota Corolla sedan with something over 211,000. Both are in great mechanical condition although the Corolla has some cosmetic problems; we consider the Corolla to be our "beater car" and drive it whenever we go into the City. It's less obtrusive, older, and shorter and narrower for easier parking. Both are 4-door cars; I had a 2-door car _once_ and once was more than enough. I like to be able to easily offer someone a ride in the back seat. We got the Camry because I loved the Corolla; Toyota makes great cars. Both are easy to handle and drive well. The Camry is a better freeway car; it's rock solid and very smooth. I think Hubby and I are set on Toyota sedans for life.

What do you collect?

I used to collect 1/12 scale miniatures, and have a 10-room dollhouse and a 4-room glass-fronted display cabinet for them. I have always (and still) collected stuffed animals (I have a large set of beanie babies, not for value but because I like them!).

I've been collecting colored glass for years, mostly ruby red but also some dark green; I also have a set of vaseline glass in a special display cabinet (it glows under black light). And, last but never least, I collect all things cat-oriented, including calendars, comics, pictures, books, stuffed toys, and a lovely set of various figurines and small statues made of clay, stone, wood...

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