Sunday March 14, 2004

Catching A Leprechaun

This week's Saturday Slant

Legend has it if you catch a leprechaun he is honor bound to grant you a single wish, even as far as to give up his pot of gold. A single wish. The Jin of Aladdin’s tales grant three—room enough to correct mistakes. With a single wish, however, there is no going back. You hold in your grip a spry little man with beard and curls of amber. Annoyed at being caught he glares up at you demanding: “Aye. What shall ye be wishing then, hey?” A single wish. Think carefully before you answer.
I've read all of those stories... everything comes with a price. I've got an annoyed leprechaun in my hand and I'm wondering "Why did I do this?". Did I have a wish in mind and lie in wait for the little man in green? Was it sheer luck? What can I ask for, that's in his power to grant, that won't make him irritable and annoyed (i.e. a wish that he won't twist just to prove who's the wiser?)

I'm not sure it's in a leprechaun's power to grant me or mine health and long life, although that would be my first wish of any Power that could grant such. And endless purse would be interesting, but it would likely be faery gold and faery gold tends to vanish after 24 hours; it wouldn't be fair to patronize local establishments with faery gold!

As others have pointed out, many "big" wishes are easily twisted - peace on earth (achieved at the cost of simply removing most of the warring peoples); an end to drought (could cause a flood; alternatively, irrigating the Sahara would drain an ocean).

To take the pot of gold would be "fair" ... but would also make me an enemy and besides, how do you spend real gold coins these days?

My initial thought was "safe passage" but after all, I did catch a leprechaun. So, how about modifying that just a little as "safe passage and a friend". It would be rather interesting to make a friend of a leprechaun. He could come and go as he pleased and all I'd ask is safe passage (no tricks on me or mine) and an occasional visit for an evening of pleasant conversation. He could smoke his meershaum; I'd offer him a wee dram and perhaps a bite of cake, and we'd just talk, tell stories, stargaze. The cats would get a kick out of a visiting leprechaun and think of the stories he could tell!

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