Saturday March 13, 2004

More Purple prompts (week of 3/7)

What are you currently reading?

The next to last in Barbara D'Amato's Cat Marsala mystery series. Great books,these. Interesting plots, good characterization and excellent writing.

Which room of your house is the messiest and why?

The garage; because it's where everything goes that doesn't have a home anywhere else. We cleared out the storage locker and everything came home to the garage. Hubby keeps working on trying to organize the garage; it's his space.

My office is second but I'm trying really hard to keep it relatively neat.

Have you ever dyed your hair? What colors?

Nope; it's naturally red; why change it? My sister (blond) once got a pink (magenta) rinse put in. She then walked home, 5 blocks. She said in that 5 blocks she saw more people that she knew than she usually would see in a week. She went into the house, straight to the shower, and washed out the color.

What are your favorite musicians?

Anything brass - The Canadian Brass, Winton Marsalis; the Nuclear Whales Saxophone Orchestra; many classical guitarists (Christopher Parkening); a few singers (Enya)

Who are your favorite painters? Why?

Not so much painters as paintings: Van Gogh's Starry Night is my absolute favorite. It just does something for me. Most of the rest of Van Gogh's work I could take or leave (usually leave).

What monument(s) would you like to see? Why?

Might be nice to see Yellowstone. I've heard it's pretty. I've never seen Mount Rushmore in person. I have been to Yosemite and it's stunning. I like the natural stuff better than the man-made, although I would like to see the pyramids and the Acropolis I don't intend to go there...

What nationalities are you?

Very American, as both families have been here since great-greats but back before that, mostly German, German, German, and English or perhaps Welsh.

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