Saturday March 13, 2004

Purple Prompts (week of 3/7)


If you could live in any other time period, which would you choose? Why?

If I could live in any other time period, I would you choose the future, sometime after interstellar travel (warp/hyper drive, FTL drive, subspace drive; whatever you want to call it) has been discovered and in use for a while and we're colonizing other planets and visiting distant stars.

Many past times in history are of interest to me but as a myopic woman who appreciates indoor plumbing, good roads, germ theory and the associated advances in medicine, and also loves technology and science, I wouldn't fit in back then.


What is your earliest memory, and why does it stand out in your mind?

I have a memory of the night before my sister was born; we were visiting my grandmother. I remember waking in the night, my parents were going out to the hospital. I was three and a half. I also remember my Dad driving me over the next day to stand in the parking lot and wave to my Mom through the window.


Have you ever had a supernatural experience? If so, describe it. If not, would you like to? Why or why not?

Would I like to? Sure, unless it was one of those "Haunting of Hill House" sorts of things.

If I did, I viewed it as natural. I sometimes "know" things. When my Mom was in the hospital for a bad flu and we visited her, I looked at the old woman in the other bed in the room and just "knew" she'd die in the night... and she did. Hmmm.

My "talent" is finding things. After I stop being annoyed that I've lost whatever it is, I can often just walk to the spot where it is and pick it up. I can also do things with things someone else (say my spouse) can't find.


If you had a secret you positively could not keep to yourself, who would you tell? Why would you tell this person?

Well, my theory on most secrets is to forget them and then they are safe. But most "don't tell anyone (else)" things I share with my spouse. I trust mine implicitly. What I know, he knows, and vice versa.


Pick a movie monster that you can identify with. What about the monster makes you empathize with him/her?

I just love Godzilla. I wouldn't say I _identify_ with him, but... In all of the movies but the first he's the champion of Japan and Tokyo. He's a big, unabashedly rubber, movie monster. Those great rubber spines on his back are so neat. And the roar! In one movie, he and the villain monster (is that the one with the robot?) play a sort of volleyball with huge rocks.


If you could create a TV show, what would the title be and what would it be about? How would the show differ if you were both its creator AND its star?

Gosh; I don't even watch TV; why would I do this? :-)

Perhaps an animal show or a history show. Maybe a show kind of ala Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom (anyone else remember that one?). Maybe including episodes about domestic animals - cats, dogs, .... Something educational.

Or perhaps something along the lines of Masterpiece Theatre but with older movies; I'd be the host and introduce the movie from my handsomely appointed library ala Alistair Cooke.


Pick one of your favorite movies and tell us why you enjoyed it so much.

My favoritist (tm :-) movie is Fantasia. I love the idea of the creators illustrating the music that way. When I hear The Nutcrasker Suite, I don't even have to close my eyes to "see" dancing mushrooms. I saw this movie when it first came out, fell in love with it then, and have seen it again and again.

I love "The Great Race"; I think it's my all-time favorite comedy. My parents both love it and we'd watch it every time it was on the Sunday Afternoon TV matinee. I had to teach my spouse the meaning of "Push the button, Max" because that's something everyone in my family says!

I'm also a great fan of 1776 because I saw the stage play in 1972; I know most of the lines :-)

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