Friday March 12, 2004

Strikingly Unusual

A recent prompt from the Journal-Inspirations list group:

Write about the most unusual person you met today.

I am infrequently in a position to meet people (aside from the other meaning, as in "I met my friend for lunch"). In fact, given that I have been largely unemployed for 3/4 of the past two years (and worked from home for the year before that), I'm trying to recall the last time I "met" anyone new (other than just seeing someone in a store or interacting with a sales clerk or the Postman... Even when I was working outside the house, I rarely had an opportunity to meet new people; the kind of jobs I do aren't rife with new people to meet on a frequent basis.

However, if we stretch the meaning of "meet" to include "saw and spoke to", I met an unusual person last night. I made it a point to approach her and compliment her on her attire. She's certainly worth describing!

Spouse and self and a friend of ours were at a local restaurant deciding what to have for dinner. While we were waiting for the waiter, two women were seated across the aisle, both in their late 20's (?) both dressed in black. The blonde had her hair in dreadlocks or small braids; the brunette had hers pulled back into a bun. The brunette had an interesting blouse with floppy silky panels and tiny spaghetti straps over the shoulders so her shoulders looked almost bare. But the most striking thing about her was the half-mask she was wearing.

I couldn't tell if it was a tattoo (surely it couldn't be!) or paint or makeup. It was dark, looked almost like fine lace, and had "teardrop" curlicues on her cheeks. It was reminiscent of the peacock feather half-masks for costume balls but darker and "skin tight".

I watched her (circumspectly, I hope!) throughout our meals. They finished at the same time we did and were about ready to leave as we got up. So I went over to compliment her and ask about the mask. On closer inspection, it was even more stunning. Obviously done with makeup, there were dark purple and deep blue areas along with the black, for highlights. She thanked me, gestured to her friend, and said "My friend is a makeup artist; we had a makeup demonstration today and she made me up like this." So I turned and complimented the friend on her artistry, told them both again how much I liked it and we left.

What was even more striking was the fact that this woman was totally composed the whole time, never giving any indication that she looked... unusual. She was simply out to dinner with a friend and just happened to be wearing a makeup half-mask that caught everyone's attention.

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