Wednesday March 10, 2004

My Muse

Monday's prompt in Journal Inspirations:

Muse: a source of inspiration; especially : a guiding genius

What would you consider to be your muse? Why?

Ah, that's easy; I have cats. My muse has a variant spelling: mews >^..^<

My cats come, at various times of the day, to lie in my office, occupy the buckets above the monitors, flop on the table next to my left arm (a table placed there for the kitties, in truth). Sometimes they walk back and forth on the desk and suggest I take a break to pay some attention to the cat. They purr, they rub, they bump. Squirrel likes to sit next to me and reach out a gentle paw and place it on my arm. All four make meaningful eye contact.

They relax me. They provide background. They restoreth my soul.

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