Saturday March 6, 2004

Purple Prompts for this week

[ This week's writing prompts from Purple Ink, an eList for Journallers. ]


Keep a record of what money you spend this week.

Mostly I spend money on books and groceries and meals. We eat a lot of meals out (although tonight we will be eating at home). I track our expenses because Hubby and I share the financial responsibility but I pay for almost everything up front.

But I'm not going to tell anyone how much that is :-)


What is the ideal peaceful place for you?

Home is my peaceful place; I have four loving kitties I adore. I like to be here; I have my cats, my projects, books to read. I'm happiest at home, less happy wwhen I get farther away. I don't travel well.


If you could rid the earth of one thing what would it be?

If I could rid the earth of one thing, I would choose intolerance. If I could pick two, the second would be blind prejudice.


Name the best music/musical performance you have attended.

I went to a Neil Diamond live concert in 1982. It was electric.

Hmmm. Ah. In 1972, my Aunt and Uncle went to New York City for the weekend because my Uncle (head of the University History Dept) had some sort of meetings to attend at the U.N. They invited me and my cousin (their son who is my age) to come along. AMong other things, we went to see the musical play, 1776, on stage. It was delightful. It's one of my favorite plays (or movies) and I can quote many lines from it.


What fictional world would you like to inhabit?

I mostly read fantasy; most fantasy worlds have a lot of magic but a dearth of technology and simple comforts (such as indoor plumbing, good roads, reliable and comfortable transportation, etc). I like to visit but I wouldn't want to live there.

But then, fictional doesn't have to refer to literature (and besides, there are novelizations), so I think I'd pick San Francisco on Earth (in the what is it, 24th? century) - the period between Classic (Kirk) Start Trek and ST:TNG (Picard).


List the contents of your closet.

My closet mostly contains clothing (not all of it by any means. Hanging, I have a few dresses at the far left, then a large number of long-sleeved button front shirts in chamois (Eddie Bauer, yum), Oxford cloth, and denim; about half of these have embroidered designs; a good third are Winnie the Pooh and Friends. The rest of the rack is collared "Polo" style shirts, color-sorted. Down below are two plastic bins with socks and underwear (unopened, unworn) to get out when the stuff I've been wearing gets too holey, and my sweatshirt collection. On the shelves above are my seasonal shirts (Halloween and Christmas) waiting for the appropriate season, more sweatshirts and some nice sweaters that I never remember to wear because they're on the top shelf of my closet.


If you could start an orphanage for children anywhere in the world where would it be and why?

I can't imagine; there are so many places that need one. Most of those have one, I should think. Hmmmm... no idea.

Bonus Prompt

If you where to have 3 new baby daughters what would you name them? Sons?

Spouse and self have no interest in having Human children. Kitties are fine with us. But as for favorite names? I've always liked Bronwyn and Gwynyth, though whether I would burden a child with one of those I don't know. I've always liked Michael too.

Now, if you were to ask me about suggestions for names for pussycats... :-)

Many, many years ago (when we were both kids ourselves) my sister (who also has no human kids) announced that if she were to have kids someday she'd name a daughter, September and a son, Thor. Perhaps it's best if she sticks to dogs...

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