Thursday March 4, 2004

Packaging Solutions

In wandering the web today looking for something else, I came across the rather interesting page from Berlin Packaging. Berlin Packaging is "the nation's premier supplier of rigid packaging - including glass, metal, and plastic containers, and closures". The page I discovered is their packaging solutions page, on which they give several examples, with full text description as well as "Before" and "After pictures, of bottles they have redesigned (and why).

For example, the way I found this site was by doing a search for the home page of a product I like, Victorian House Coffee. It turns out that Berlin Packaging redesigned the Victorian House Coffee bottle:


Victorian House Coffee had a square, short, and cloudy bottle; because of the high-density polyethylene material, that was not an inviting container to the java-craving consumer. Berlin Packaging’s Studio 111™ offered a solution in a custom mold: The PET Fiesta gave the product great shelf appeal with impressive barrier properties that enabled the product to be shipped across the country more effectively. The facets in the bottle provide strength as well as a “high-end” appearance. The over-cap was designed to resemble a coffee cup but also serves as a measure for metering out the coffee concentrate. The package gained national exposure in an article in Entrepreneur Magazine and was awarded Package of the Year in 1999 in Beverage Industry Magazine.

I agree; I like the bottle, it's easy to see on the shelf, and I love the integrated "coffee-cup" shaped measuring cap!

I'm fascinated by packaging designs and solutions (and the reasons for redesigns and choice of solutions). I thought I would share some interesting factoids.

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