Monday February 23, 2004

Art Journals


If you're interested in journals, especially in art journals, I've found some great sites to recommend.

I recently discovered Karen Winter's illustrated online journal, "Random Acts of Inkness - art journaling, writing, and other nonsense". Unlike many online journals, Karen's site features scans of her paper journal in which she draws as well as writes. The page shown here is one I especially enjoyed! Karen also posts to a "regular" weblog called "The Creative Journey" (with pointers and links to the illustrated version) .

Another illustrated journal is Keri Smith's "Wish Jar Journal". This one is full of fun text and interesting little stories, richly illustrated by colorful sketches. Where many people would include photographs, Keri includes sketches. Be sure to read the text too!

For something slightly different, try "Trumpetvine", a site "dedicated to the study, appreciation, and promotion of personal sketching to enhance our travel logs, illustrated journals, nature diaries, art projects and more". Or surf over to "Bea's Diary", a pictorial journal done in a whimsical, cartoon style.

Last, but not least, I must recommend Danny Gregory's "Everyday Matters". I found the aforementioned sites, as well as several others, via Danny's blogroll,. Danny is a fellow member of the Purple Ink journalling mailing list. He's recently started his own list group called everydaymatters, an "ongoing discussion about creativity, drawing, journal making and seeing more clearly". The group has acquired 301 members since its inception on Feb; 17 (only 5 days ago!)

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