Saturday February 21, 2004

Breaking the Rules

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List 20 rules you've broken.

What sort of rules? Who makes them? Written or unwritten? (I'm probably breaking a rule by asking ;-)

Generally, I follow many rules - but not blindly nor just because they are rules. I am more likely to follow rules I agree with in principle, rules that have the force of law (I have an aversion to being stopped, detained, fined, or (gack!) arrested), rules for which the breaking could cause damage to my person or property, and rules for which the breaking would simply cause me too much hassle.

In any case, my following of rules should not be misconstrued to indicate that I prefer to conform. :-) The first and most frequent "rule" I break is "Just do what you're told". :-)

Here are 20 rules I break with some regularity:

  1. I don't "Just do what I'm told" — I question the rules

  2. I question authority (including its right to call itself "authority"), especially in the workplace

  3. I don't watch prime time television and I don't care who got voted off the island

  4. I don't finish everything I start

  5. I am perfectly willing to end a sentence with a preposition

  6. I don't own at least one suit or item of "proper business attire"; I have never worn high heeled shoes.

  7. I send Thank You notes by email

  8. I bring the condiments to the table in their bottles and tubs

  9. I look up the answers to trick questions and riddles

  10. I read ahead; I read the end of mystery novels first

  11. I don't do most of the exercises in "self-help" and "tutorial" books; I look at the answers.

  12. I live in the SF Bay Area and I don't root for the San Francisco 49'ers _or_ the Oakland Raiders (or the Giants, or the A's, or the Sharks, or the...)

  13. I don't use my credit card only for purchases that will last beyond the next billing period

  14. I don't keep my credit card receipts

  15. I don't balance my checkbook

  16. I don't make sure to get 8 hours of sleep every night

  17. I don't answer the phone every time it rings

  18. I don't send Christmas cards

  19. I don't do things the way other people expect

  20. I don't really care what other people think.

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