Friday February 20, 2004

On a Perfect Day...

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How would your day go if it went perfectly?

On a perfect day, I would wake naturally, not to an alarm clock. I will have slept well and dreamlessly and I will not feel exhausted. There will be cats in the bed when I wake up. It will be before 10 am. Neither of us will have to go to work (or anywhere else in particular).

We'd go to our favorite diner for breakfast and I would have Eggs Florentine, cooked perfectly. We'd come home and noodle around the house, doing small projects. I'd take a nap in the afternoon, joined by all four cats.

We'd have a pleasant dinner with a friend, followed by a quiet evening spent reading with cats, a long soak in the hot tub and then bed with a feeling of contentment and accomplishment.

A perfect day would, of course, present no annoyances, no disagreements, no arguments, no idiots on the road, no meetings or appointments, no bills to pay, no phone calls, nothing urgent to be attended to. The weather would be in the low seventies with a light breeze. And a pleasant time is had by all.

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