Thursday February 19, 2004

Thursday Threesome: Serendipity

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::Serendipity: Making fortunate discoveries by accident::

Onesome: Serendipity:-- Do you believe in destiny?

Twosome: Making fortunate discoveries-- What is your greatest "find"? Is it an antique you discovered tucked away at a garage sale? Or maybe something as simple as the great sale on khakis or lawn mowers at your favorite store?

Threesome: by accident-- Have you ever discovered a place entirely by accident and it's become a favourite place to go now? A hidden grove in the city park, a wonderful little coffee shop or restaurant, a treasure trove of a shop?

Onesome: -- Destiny

Ducunt fata volentem, nolentem trahunt
(The Fates guide those who go willingly; all others, they drag)

I don't believe in Destiny (at least, not for most people). I do believe in Fate. How's that for a conundrum?

As many an unwilling fantasy hero has discovered to his dismay, Destiny leaves no out, provides no options, presents no choices. Destiny simply IS.

Fate is (somewhat) more flexible. Fate provides constant choices. Fate plants things in your path; if you choose to go around them, avoid them, or pick them up and use them, that's your decision. The choice may change your life. The choice will always redefine your path.

Twosome: -- Your greatest "find"
My greatest "find" would, of course, be my spouse, Richard :-)

After Richard, each of our cats was a greatest "find". Did we "find" them? Or did they "find" us? Or was it Fate taking a hand?

As for inanimate objects, one great find was a book I bought at a yard sale. It's called "The Belgian Traveller" and it was published in 1807.

Threesome: -- By Accident...
Our favorite diner was discovered by accident. It's "downtown" but we'd never found it. Then someone we knew was renting office space down the hill and he'd come to San Bruno by train and then walk to the bus stop and ride the bus to our neighborhood. He was looking for a place to buy coffee and discovered this diner, which he recommended to us and the rest is history. We probably eat there 5 times a week (or more :).

We recently "discovered" an excellent Japanese restaurant just down the street from the diner because I was walking up and down the street while Rich got a haircut. We simply never walkeddown that part of the street and the restaurant is very unassuming when one drives past.

Many of our favorite restaurants have been "accidental" discoveries... which should indicate to me that I ought to be more adventurous in trying new places. However, I'm conservative for a reason. Once we find a great place, I want to go back again and again before it disappears like one of those magical shops in a fairy tale!

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