Wednesday February 18, 2004

Three Questions

[ My responses to three writing prompts from this week on Purple Ink, an eList for Journallers. If you keep an online (or offline) journal, consider joining Purple Ink. ]

Name Five Things...
Name five things in your refrigerator/freezer.
Name five things in your pantry.
Name five things under your kitchen sink.
Name five things around your computer.
Name five things in your medicine cabinet.

Handling Change
Sometimes we spend a lot of time and energy resisting change in our lives. Many of us don't like change...we prefer to keep things comfortable. But change is necessary for personal growth. How well do you deal with change? Do you try to keep things simple and routine in your life or do you love the challenge of new things?

Bad Ideas
What are three things you wish were never invented?

Name Five Things...

Five things in/under/around my...
    ...fridge - peanut butter, celery, milk, yougurt, eggs

    ...freezer - ice cubes, ice cream, frozen peaches, frozen sausages, edamame

    ...pantry - a lot of canned soup, unopened jar of mayonnaise, canned tuna, canned asparagus, unopened jars of peanut butter

    ...sink - dishwasher soap, dishpans, disposal (takes up most of the space), a bucket (for leaks), a few scrubbers of various sorts (mostly used for the grill) - cats, pens, small toys, papers, cat brush

    ...medicine cabinet - Advil, Excedrin, Actifed, toothpaste, Titrilac

Handling Change

As someone we know once said, "Better isn't always better, but better is always different". Another quote I love is "Things were all so different before everything changed..."

I don't like large changes. I don't like most "new and improved" products (that labeling usually makes me wonder how they broke it). I especially don't like change to be foist upon me! For example, I'm happy to learn a new computer language when I need it for a project, but not because my manager says "I want you to learn X so you can become our X pert".

I need to control the changes around me. Like cats, I appreciate routine and stability in my life. And, also like cats, I get used to small changes, but I prefer to supervise and approve the large ones.

Bad Ideas

What are three things you wish were never invented?
  1. Baggy pants :-)

  2. I could say I wish the telephone or television had never been invented -- or guns, or gunpowder or nuclear fission or any of that sort of thing -- but just because an invention is misused doesn't mean the invention should have stayed (or could have stayed!) un-thought-of. That said, I wish no one had managed to invent things like crack cocaine, or crystal meth, or any of the designer drugs, and that no one had discovered/invented the ephedrin diet drugs. These are all too nasty.

  3. With all the silliness of the past few years, I sincerely wish that the ideas of patents, copyright, trademarks, and the offices that assign those had never been invented. The patent office is willynilly assigning patents for discoveries (NOT inventions), for natural phenomena, for things that have been in use by a lot of people for years! I've heard it said that the Patent Office is so naive it would be possible to patent aspirin. I'm almost waiting for someone to try that!

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