Thursday February 12, 2004

Sweet Happy Life

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Sweet Happy Life

Sort of a continuation of yesterday's prompt:
There is a lot of drudgery, tediousness, and repetition in daily life. There are plenty of things that all of us have to do in the course of a day or week that are absolutely no fun at all. Life shouldn‚t necessarily be one big barrel of laughs, but at the same time, it‚s important that we not get weighed down by the endlessness of it all.

How do you rise above the dailiness? What techniques do you use to help yourself face down that hypothetical tower of dirty dishes? How do you diffuse the unpleasantness of certain things that you have to deal with in your life? Share some of the things that you do to make daily life a little sweeter.

I mostly ignore or avoid any sense of repetition (unless the things that are repeating are something I really enjoy).

We're not manic housekeepers. We're not exactly slovenly, but... housework isn't something we do on a schedule. It's something we do when it needs to be done. The small jobs we do a little at a time, in a constant manner. Pick up the living room, fold the lap blanket, toss the recycelables, wipe down the counter immediately after using it. Bigger jobs get done when something reaches the "do point". Laundry gets done when the basket is full; dishes are washed when the dishwasher is full. Laundry and dishes go into the basket/machine as they need it, keeping the floor and counters clear. Little by little, a bit at a time, nothing ever really jumps us from a dark corner.

Since we never know when anything major is coming, exactly, we don't have anything to look "forward to", There's no "Oh, Saturday, vacuuming day. Just once I don't want to vacuum on Saturday." for us.

I once had a roommate... she believed in vacuuming every Saturday morning. This was an apartment with three young adult women - two grad students and one senior undergrad - who were rarely home; no kids, no pets, no parties. At 8:30 am, every Saturday morning, vazooORM outside my bedroom door. She kept trying to insist I should take a turn. I kept reminding her that it was I who owned the vacuum cleaner. (I sold it to her when I moved out).

Occasionally, as I am sorting whites from darks and tossing them into the wash, I'll think "Too bad we have to keep doing laundry over and over again". But then I think, "Well, I like my clothes. I don't want to wear disposable clothing and use paper plates. A little bit of work here and there for maintenance isn't so bad". And then, with the thought, the sorting is over (two people simply don't generate _that_ much laundry, the lid is down on the machine, and I'm out of the laundry room.

And next, while the washing machine runs (consider daily life in the 1800s without all these delightful labor saving devices!), while the laundry goes 'round, I go engage in one of the repeating daily "tasks" I really enjoy - chasing the cats, catching them, and petting their furry tummies!

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