Friday February 6, 2004

Anyone Can Miss a Day

[ Today's meme is courtesy of Thursday Threesome ]
::Anyone can miss a Day:: (from a comment from one of dan's readers)

Onesome: Anyone-- Has anyone made an impression on you lately? No, not on the national level, but at work or school or just 'around'. ...or even here on the web?

Twosome: can Miss-- Speaking of webbish things (and of course we are !), what types of things do you take a miss on at your place and chose not to post about? Just curious...

Threesome: -- On a similar note: do you post every day? ...or just whenever? ...or is every session at the computer a spur to work up a little something?

Onesome: Anyone--
Hmmmm... I've been home a lot lately. Long time out of school, too long out of work. Here on the web...? I've discovered a few new weblogs. I found a link to Wil Wheaton's Blog and I really like his writing style. So he impressed me.

I've been reading Barbara D'Amato's Cat Marsala series. Speaking of writing style, she blows me away.

Rob and Barbara Dicely of Leopards Etc impress me with their work with big cats — and with their ability to do 150 outreach / educational programs a year!

Spouse impresses me with his ability (and willingness!) to get up at 7am, commute to his current job, and put in 10 or 12 hour days, 5 days a week! And he's been doing this since October!

And, come to think about it, I've been impressing myself lately with my ability to think a little longer about a question and get beyond my first answer (e.g. "No, not really") to something else entirely. ;-)

Twosome: can Miss--
I choose not to post about things Spouse refers to as nunya (short for "Noneaya bizness"). I don't post deeply personal things about myself, my friends, or my family. I don't post anything that would embarrass or upset the person under discussion. If I quote a friend with attribution, I ask first.

I don't post anything I wouldn't want my mother to read! And I particularly don't answer the types of questions and prompts that ask me to look back at times or events in my life that I would prefer not to remember too clearly or examine too closely...

Threesome: a Day--

Lately, I've been posting every day, sometimes more than once a day. I've found a lot of memes and writing prompts and I'm really enjoying those. They add to my entry volume enormously and they also help hone my writing skills. The prompts also give me ideas of additional directions I could go in, other things to write about.

I think that's awesome (in the older meaning of the word). I realized yesterday, however, when I almost missed a day, that it would be much too easy to get caught up in being compulsive about keeping a "perfect" record! It's my weblog; I don't have to be perfect. I only need to say what I want to say when I have something to say.

Even if I seem to skip a day, I may not actually have done so. I've actually got three weblogs of my own, plus I'm a secondary author on my sister's weblog and a primary author on our private family-only weblog. Wheew!

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