Wednesday February 4, 2004

Yogurt Making 101

girmiyoI bought a yogurt maker the other day. It looks easy enough to use. The maker comes with 7 too-cute little pear-shaped glass jars with plastic lids for storing in the fridge.

The instructions couldn't be much simpler. Start with 5 TBsp of natural unflavored yogurt (I bought Brown Cow whole-milk yogurt, not bad for plain yogurt) and 1 qt. of milk. Mix together, beat out the lumps, divide among the jars, set them in the machine, cover and plug it in. Come back in 6 to 10 hours. Then unplug, cover the jars and refrigerate for at last an hour.

I started the batch at 8:30 this morning so..... about 6:30 tonight we'll see what's what.

12:30 — Something must be happening. There's condensation forming on the inside of the "maker" lid.

Feb 6, 2004

I tried the yogurt

It's a little strange. Tastes OK. The consistency is weird. Sorta like... slimy pudding? It flows but it sticks to itself. Tastes like milk bordering on sour cream. Not sour. Could use a little flavor. Not bad. Keep trying.

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