Sunday February 1, 2004

Share Where - World66

World66 calls itself "the largest open content travel guide on the internet" where "Open Content means that YOU can also contribute contents, writing articles or drawing maps!"

World66 is a collaborative project to create an open content travel guide. This means that virtually anyone can edit our articles simply by clicking on the [edit] link.

So, if you:

  • Have trekked across the mountains of Papua New Guinea;
  • Have visited this little-known but fascinating museum;
  • Know some interesting places for travellers in your home town;
  • Want to warn other travellers of things that went wrong during your recent trip;
  • And lots more...

Then why don't you write about it? No matter if you like to think of yourself as a modern-day explorer, or prefer all-inclusive package deals (or anything in between), we'd like to know about it!

Start by finding the destination you want to write about, click the [edit] link and you're set.

Perhaps you're not really interested in writing... but you know people who are. Tell them about World66 - they might be really interested!

[ cf. : Contributing Contents ]

The site has become quite popular lately. In surfing weblogs today (while looking for something else) I came across a large number of US maps people have built using Map66's Visited States tool.

Never one to pass a good idea by without trying it, I created my own map and wrapped a personal travel page around it.

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