Sunday February 1, 2004

Birthday Memories

[ I was the Writing Prompter for this week on Purple Ink. Here are the last two prompts for this week. ]

Saturday: It's your day to celebrate
When you were growing up, were birthdays treated specially? What made them special?

Sunday: I remember one year...
Do any of your birthdays stand out in your mind as being particularly memorable? What made them memorable?


When I was growing up, birthdays were special. My sister and I each had our own special day. We didn't have big parties with school friends, but small family affairs with perhaps one or two family friends.

We got to choose the menu and we always had theme birthdays. Our Mom and Dad are both very talented, crafty, and artistic. Our Mom always created and decorated our cakes herself.

My sister always had an animal theme. She got to choose the animal but she never saw the cake until it came out after dinner. I never knew what the theme would be until the cake appeared. After dinner, we'd always be asked to leave the dining room and not watch as out parents (with the help of the other sister) changed the table cloth, brought out the matching napkins and paper plates and the presents. Then we'd get to return and sit down and (I, at least) would have a few minutes to guess the theme before the cake was brought in, candles lit.

For each of us, the 21st birthday was the last "party" birthday. For my 21st, my sister ordained that the theme would be a classic Birthday-party theme, with streamers, balloons, confetti, and pink and white icing. In return, I declared a tradition to be made and we did the same for her three years later.


My twelfth birthday had a dinosaur theme. The cake was a chocolate sheet cake with a volcano at one end (another cake baked in the smallest mixing bowl and upended). The cake was iced in chocolate (mud) and red, yellow, and orange lava (icing) flowed down the sides of the volcano (along with wax lava from the 12 candles all stuck together at the crater). A dozen plastic dinosaurs walked across the top of the cake, having left footprints in the mud. It was a most impressive cake.

One year I had a Snoopy theme. The cake was a three-dimensional doghouse / Sopwith Camel (with chocolate chip "bullet holes") and a plastic Snoopy "World War Flying Ace" rode on top shooting down an imaginary red Baron.

One year I had an elegant gazebo in a garden with a sugar-icing Southern Belle i the gazebo. I kept her in a glass jar until she eventually disintegrated.

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