Friday January 30, 2004

Purple Birthday Prompt (2004.01.26/F)

[ I'm the Writing Prompter this week on Purple Ink. Here is today's prompt. ]

Friday: Another place and time...
If you could choose to have been born at another place or time in history, would you? Where or when would you choose?

I'm happy with when I was born. I like this time; I'm heavily "into" technology. Also, as a woman, I'm acutely aware that women didn't have many rights or privileges throughout much of history. I'm happy with where, as well. I was born in central Pennsylvania and grew up in a "statistical; metropolis" , a College town, with a high emphasis on education and a lot of perks (off-Broadway show tours, the Army/Navy band, the 4th of July carnival and fireworks display, a good Park&Rec system in the summers, decent public schools...)

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