Thursday January 29, 2004

Happy Birthday!

[ I'm the Writing Prompter this week on Purple Ink. Here is today's prompt. ]

Thursday: Happy Birthday!
What does your birthday mean to you?
How do you celebrate your birthday? Quietly alone? With a friend or two? With a big party?


Happy Birthday to Me

And it is, too (thus the theme of this week's prompts :-)

My birthday is a special day to me. When I'm employed, I often take that day off as a vacation day if it falls during the week. I celebrate with Spouse and sometimes a friend or two. On occasion, I've bought myself a cake, taken it in to work, and invited friends to join me.

Tonight we're meeting three friends at the Outback Steakhouse for dinner. We drive down to Cupertino (35 miles) because that Outback is the best (although it's not the closest) and because two of our friends work across the street (making it convenient to join them there for dinner!). Two of our friends also live very near the Outback; the other lives 35 miles away in a different direction.

We'll have a lovely dinner of steak, shrimp, and salad; we'll splurge on a "Sinful Sundae" (shared) with extra toasted coconut; then we'll come home and play with the cats and read till bedtime.

And that will be a lovely birthday celebration.

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