Wednesday January 28, 2004

Purple Birthday Prompts

[ Three of this week's writing prompts, suggested by me, from Purple Ink. If you like journal writing, join Purple Ink! ]

This week has a theme.

Monday: Seasons
What time of year is your birthday?
If you could have chosen to be born at any time of year, what would you choose and why?

Tuesday: Surprise! Make a wish!
How do you feel about your cultures' celebration of birthdays?
Should a birthday be treated specially? Like a holiday? Do people spend too much energy on on birthdays?

Wednesday: You don't look a day over...
How do you feel about getting older?
Have your feelings changed over time?


My birthday is in mid-winter (late winter using the old calendar that says mid-winter is Dec 22 :-) I like it when it is; that's just long enough after Xmas. As a child, I used to ask for special gifts "for Christmasormybirthday". A birthday at the end of January (in that long greywhite winter period with few holidays) was a nice respite from day-to-day


I like the special treatment of birthdays, although I stop short at surprise parties. I think the choice of how to celebrate should be up to the person whose birthday it is. If they want a party, don't wonder about the etiquette of that request! If they don't want a party, accept their wishes gracefully.

I prefer to celebrate people's birthdays (and give birthday gifts) rather than Xmas.


I've never paid much attention to my age. I can't remember ever caring. In fact, when I need to tell someone my age, I have a tendency to need to stop and think (and subtract my birth year from the current year). It helps to have been born early in the year.

I don't pay much attention to other people's ages either. Friends are contemporaries, whatever their chronological age.

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