Tuesday January 27, 2004

Circle of Words - #4

Circle of Words is a weekly set of questions that are somewhat personal, spiritual, and will explore your inner most thoughts and feelings. Hopefully these questions will provide you with a little bit of  personal therapy and allow your readers a little peek inside your soul.

An Artist Is Someone Who Creates

Living is a form of not being sure, not knowing what next or how...The artist never entirely knows. We guess. We may be wrong, but we take leap after leap in the dark.
-Agnes De Mille

1. Are you a leader or a follower? Do you ever wear that wild and crazy shirt out to dinner even though it's too young or too not you? Or do you stick with the styles for your appropriate age and such? What if you received a handmade beaded necklace from your daughter or friend that was just a little over the top...would you wear it with pride or tuck it away in a drawer? Do you wear your hair like the latest trend..or do you just wear it as it is what works for you?

You Are an Artist

Inside, you there's an artist you don't know about...Say yes quickly, if you know, if you've known it from before the beginning of the universe.
-Jalai Ud-Din Rumi

2. Most of us think of artists as someone who paints, sculpts, writes, acts, and so on. But this is untrue. Each one of us is an artist. We all create a unique work of art every day of our lives. We each do something unlike anyone else, which in turn makes us unique. Every choice you make creates some type of art. In what ways do you see yourself as an artist? And is there anything you would like to do to show your creative side that you are not doing already?

Discovering Your Authentic Self

To love oneself is the beginning of a life-long romance.
-Oscar Wilde

3. What is required for you to have a great day..the kind of day where you love yourself and everything about your life? Is it something as simple as a long bubble bath, play time with your children, or the fact that you are having a good hair day? Or does it take much more than that...like a raise at work, a new home, a new car? And then the other extreme...what things make you not so in love with yourself? And which would you say you are more of - in love with yourself -or- not?

My thoughts

In an interesting bit of synchronicity, I only recently purchased and have begun to read a book called "Creating a Life Worth Living" by Carol Lloyd.

You are actively searching for two things: the creative life you want to lead and the way to create and maintain that life so you are as sane and as happy and as financially solvent as you want to be...
The only thing this book does assume is that you are an artist.

"Hey, wait a minute, I'm not an artist."

Well, maybe not in the limited sense. I define artist in the broadest possible terms—not only the literary, visual, and performing arts, but all those careers and personalities that demand that you create your own life.

[cf. "Creating a Life Worth Living", Carol Lloyd, 1997. Introduction

An Artist Is Someone Who Creates

Neither a leader nor a follower be.

I'm fiercely independent. I always have been. I would wear the shirt without thinking that it was wild and crazy, without considering where I was wearing it, simply because it's my shirt and I like it. Spouse and self do make small concessions - when we're employed, we each wear collared polo shirts (and jeans) instead of t-shirts. But I've never followed the crowd particularly. I don't go out of my way to stand out, either. I wear my hair the way I want to, I don't wear makeup, I would either wear the necklace with pride or not wear it because I'm not a jewelry person, but the decision would have nothing to do with what "other people think".

Some years ago, an acquaintance informed me that his 17-year-old daughter "admired" me. Yech. No, please. I don't want to be "admired". Respected, perhaps; admired, looked up to, "followed" - no! I'm me; you're you. Make your own life.

You Are an Artist

Actually, I do write. I write technical documentation and expository essays. I try to be creative in my writing (friends have told me I succeed at this :-). I create programs and web pages. I used to do crafts; I'm still crafty although I don't work in those media anymore. I have a fine sense of humor; I'm a good problem solver; I have many creative ideas (most of which involve my computer). I fit Carol Lloyd's definition of an artist (it's the primary reason I bought her book, although I hadn't read that part in advance).

And is there anything you would like to do to show your creative side that you are not doing already? — I'd like to get paid for what I do.

Discovering Your Authentic Self

All that is required for me to have a great day is a lot of time at home. Time with the kitties, preferably including a nap in the afternoon. Time with Rich, preferably including reading and relaxing in the evening. Time with friends over dinner. Time to read and respond to email, write in my journal, write for my weblog (and read other people's weblogs). Time to think about projects I want to think about. Time to do projects for myself.

I'm not so in love with myself when things aren't going as planned, when the stress of multiple things that have to be done gets to me, when I'm frustrated by some problem I don't seem to be able to solve, when I get trapped into an argument I didn't want to have.

These days, the former me is in control more often than the latter. Vicki Hyde rarely makes an appearance. I'm unemployed; that actually accounts for a great lowering of stress in my life and a correspondingly large increase in the time I have available to devote to my own projects. (The only down side to unemployment is the money thing :(

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