Sunday January 25, 2004

Pussycat, Pussycat, I Love You

Hearts Gladness is...

Snuggling with the kitties on a rainy day. A warm purring pussycat nestled in my arm at nap time. Another kitty nestled against my neck and shoulder. Bracketed by soft fur; lulled to sleep by purrs.

Hearts Gladness is...

Bebop greets me as I wake from my nap, purring loudly (vroom vroom vroom). He's most agreeable to a snuggle. Rub the belly. Rub the head. Then he starts to slurp my ears, First the right, then the left. He presses a soft paw against my cheek to turn my face, the better to gain access to the opposite ear.

Then he walks around onto the pillow. I turn my head away and snuggle down into the pillow for a little while longer. Bebop continues to purr, rhythmically kneading my hair into the pillow, kneading the back of my neck.

Vroom vroom vroom

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