Sunday January 25, 2004

Treasures 2004_04

Treasures are positive things that strike my fancy, things that make me feel happy or thankful or interested; things that are worth remembering; memories encapsulated in just a few words.

Please feel free to start your own lists of Treasures on your own weblog or here in the comments.

My treasures for the past week include

  • Rug Pizzas! (what we call flat, flopped-out, tummy up cats on the floor)
  • A home-cooking "experiment" that turns out remarkably tasty!
  • A second home cooking experiment that's different but just as good!
  • Warm feet (and the delightful new floor heater that makes that possible :-)
  • FlaxOMeal Cinnamon Nutrageous granola
  • Naptime snuggles with kitties — lick, purr, knead knead
  • Rob and Barbara Dicely's Wild Cat Adventure and the entire Leopards Etc. program
  • Bebop's burbling

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