Sunday January 25, 2004

South Beach Updates "Foods to Enjoy"

Spouse and self began our reduced-carbohydrate lifestyle adventure on Sept 1, 2004. As advocates of the South Beach plan, we had nonetheless been wondering about the restrictions it placed on certain foods. For example, all dairy products were considered "Avoid" foods in Phase 1, despite research that shows the value of milk and yogurt in weight-loss plans. Similarly, I had been wondering about the limits placed on tomatoes (1 whole or 10 cherry tomatoes per meal); tomatoes contain lycopene and have a nearly unmeasurable glycemic index. Spouse considers carrots to be "good food"; although the fiber content and vitamins would seem to support his theory, the South Beach Diet did not.

So I was delighted to discover recently that some changes have been made; our beliefs have been given official support. The South Beach Diet has been updated to take advantage of these nutritional studies and information. Updates have been made to the Phase 1 "Foods to Enjoy" and "Foods to Avoid" lists as well as to the Phase 2 "Foods You Can Reintroduce" and "Foods To Avoid Or Eat Rarely" lists.

The South Beach Diet (SBD) continues to evolve as new nutritional studies and information come out. Recently, the results of new studies have shown that some of the "foods to avoid" may not be as bad for us as the original studies on glycemic index demonstrated. There are also some new, exciting studies about the role calcium plays in weight loss. The end result is that you can continue to enjoy all of the foods recommended for the SBD-as well as adding back in a few of your favorites! Here are the major changes:


Old Version:
Avoid all dairy in Phase 1, except for less than 2 tablespoons fat-free Half and Half, nonfat milk, 1 percent milk, or soy milk allowed with coffee.

New Version::
Phase 1::
Now includes low-fat milk (fat-free and 1 percent), soy milk, and yogurt (low-fat or fat-free plain or vanilla light/lite only) on the Phase 1 "foods to enjoy" list.

Phase 2::
May add light/lite fruited yogurt as a "food to enjoy" in Phase 2. Note: Since the SBD is still low in saturated fat, high-fat whole milk products will remain on the "foods to avoid" lists for all Phases.


Old Version::
Limited to one whole tomato or 10 cherry tomatoes per meal in all Phases.

New Version::
Not limited in any Phase.


Old Version::
Limited to 1/2 per day in all Phases.

New Version::
Not limited in any Phase.


Old Version::
Avoid carrots in Phase 1 and 2; allowed in moderation in Phase 3.

New Version::
Allowed, starting in Phase 2.

[ cf. Low-Carb Blog, Jan 20, 2004
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Unfortunately, it appears that you have to register (at a cost of $5 per month) to visit, so I have quoted all of the important information here.

Now, of they'd only agree with me about raw apples (glycemic index 30-40 (low); glycemic load 4-6 (low)). Maybe in the next update.

Eat Well for Yourself.

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