Saturday January 24, 2004

Naughty Little Impulse

[ The following question comes courtesy of Saturday Slant ]
What is your naughty little impulse never acted upon? Ever wanted to kiss your boss? Do you often feel like telling your mother-in-law that she’s a self-centered, controlling witch—over Thanksgiving Dinner? Do you sometimes feel the compulsion to pick up your man’s dirty socks, which are constantly strewn about the floor irresponsibly, and ball it into his sleeping, snore-opened mouth? Ever wanted to steal something just for the thrill of it? Or is your impulse more along the lines of seducing that hunk from the mail room? Tell us about some naughty impulse you’ve had—or have frequently—and the circumstances surrounding it.
None of the above, certainly.

My first thought was, I can't think of anything.
My second thought was, if I could think of anything, it's none of your business (not for publication).

Then I read eris's post (good answers there) and I thought, hmmmmm, there is something.

Last night Hubby and I were in a restaurant with a friend. There was a large party (6 or 8 people) at the next table, talking, eating appetizers, taking flash photos (where the flash bounced off the plate glass mirrors on both walls as well as the windows at the front of the place). There didn't seem to be a "responsible adult" at the table; no one was over 25; the 2-year old kid kept squealing. It was bad, but it wasn't that bad...

Until, half-way through our meal, their friends joined them. The other half of the party. Now we are 16. Including two additional two- or three-year old kids that no one paid much attention to. The average age of the party members didn't change; still no "responsible adult" among them. The noise level got louder. All three children (seated next to each other) squealed. And then...

Another person arrived! When he came in, one of the girls at the back of the big table leaped up, squealed louder than any of the two-year olds, and bounded across the people along the back of the table to give the new arrival a big hug (and another shriek).

My Naughty Little Impulse? Have you guessed?

Let's start with taking the camera away, suggesting that the "adults" begin to act like adults, and telling the small children to shut up or they'd have something to squeal about...

Instead, we finished (more quickly than we otherwise might have done), paid quickly (with a comment to the management that we had to leave immediately because we were no longer happy customers, and got the H* out of there. We went home (our guest followed and joined us at our house) where we had quiet conversation and desert.

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