Wednesday January 21, 2004

Purple Prompts #1-#3

There were 10 writing prompts this week on Purple Ink, so I'll be posting a few at a time over more than one day. Remember: if you like journal writing, join Purple Ink!

  1. List the contents of your purse or carryall.
  2. List all the jobs you've ever had.
  3. List everything you have accomplished today, no matter how small.

#1. List the contents of your purse or carryall.

I use a medium-large leather "belt pack" purchased at a craft fair years ago and still holding up. It has several compartments. I went through it recently and removed everything I hadn't used in recorded history ;-)

In the "forward bay" I have:

  • A wallet with Barnes&Noble "Preferred reader" card, Target card, AAA card, healthplan card, and a spare $20 bill.
  • A rectangular metal "Wallace and Gromit" tin which originally contained a watch (a co-worker got the watch; I got the tin) containing my emergency meds: Excedrin, Advil, Actifed, Sudafed, a nail clipper, antacid and Tylenol Sinus caps (the last for hubby).
  • Tissues (specifically Puffs Extra Strength which can be carried around and don't self-destruct)
  • A very small pepper grinder.
  • A spare set of car keys for whenever we take the car in for servicing.

In the "middle bay" I have:

  • a small notebook and mechanical pencil
  • a velcro-closure "pouch" that I use if I need to carry checks to the bank
  • a pair of chopsticks
  • two sets of high-DB foam earplugs in plastic screwtop cases

In the "rear bay" I have:

  • A small cloth sun visor that fastens onto my glasses
  • A velcro-closure "pouch" containing pens
  • A screwtop plastic bottle of spare peppercorns
  • A hair scrunchi (just in case)
  • My card case - license, credit card, ATM card; if I have to grab and go, this is all I need.
  • An 8-ft measuring tape

In the "top bay" I have my Handspring Visor PDA.

In the side bays (one on each side) I have a mini maglight (in one) and a mini leatherman tool (in the other)

#2. List all the jobs you've ever had.

The summer after High School I worked as a cashier at the community swimming pool - lots of small wet children running around. Yipes.

The next summer I had a work-study job in the Bio department stockroom at the university in the morning, alternating with a temporary secretarial job for the Park and Rec department in the afternoon. It always took a while to decide how to answer the phone ("Park Forest Pool, no, Stockroom, no , Park and Rec")

No other part-time College/Summer jobs loom in my memory.

In Grad school I had an assistantship (I taught labs in return for a small stipend and a reduction in tuition).

My first job out of College (Grad school) was as a "Clinical Data Specialist" (next step up from Data Entry clerk) which I parlayed into Unix Specialist (i.e. programmer-to-order) within a month. After two years of that, I had a stepping stone to a Unix programmer job at Apple which I held for 6 years. Then through Quality Lead, Project Manager, Technical Support and Webmaster, Scientific programmer (for two companies in a row), Technical Writer, Programmer again for a few contract jobs... at the moment, I'm unemployed.

#3. List everything you have accomplished today, no matter how small.

(entry written yesterday)
I got out of bed. I fed the cats. I wrote a couple of weblog entries, read and answered email. I looked at a software bug (which I still haven't solved) but maybe I have a better idea for a direction to take. I went to the grocery store, bought groceries, brought them home. I took a short late-afternoon nap. I got the charcoal started for dinner (now that's an accomplishment. In One Try yet!). I grilled the salmon (and it came out exquisite - another major accomplishment!). Ate; cleaned up; did some more email; sat in the hot tub; went to bed.

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