Monday January 19, 2004


[ Today's questions are courtesy of Saturday Senses ]

(N.B. In the paragraph below, "I" is the founder of Saturday Senses.)

I had a hard time coming up with questions this week. Then I remembered those psychological tests where you're prompted to imagine a scene and your answers say a lot about what's in your subconscious. So, although I cannot analyze the results ;-) I thought it would be fun to see what's deep inside your minds, or at least, how creative you can get using your senses. I opened an exception to make things more interesting, so instead of having one question to each of the five senses, I added questions as they were needed, and I also added the 6th sense :-). As a rule, go with the first thing you think of. Remember, this is not to test your fiction writing abilities, but to symbolically reveal your deepest feelings. Have fun!!!
Here's the scene: you start walking from nowhere and it's completely dark.

[6th sense]:: How do you feel about being in the dark? As you walk, do you feel that there's something good or bad ahead?

[smell]:: First you smell something. What is it?

[hearing]:: Then you hear something. Can you identify what it is? Where does it come from? Is it loud? Is it pleasing, scary, irritating?

[touch]:: Is it cold or hot? What are you wearing? What do you feel beneath your feet as you walk in the dark?

[sight]:: Things start to clear up. What do you see? Where are you? What's around you? Describe your environment. It could be anything, realistic or not.

[taste]:: Is there something in this place that you can drink or eat? What is it? Do you eat/drink it?

[touch]:: Now that you can see what´s around you, do you touch anything? How do you interact with this environment?

[sight]:: You now realize there's an exit. Do you want to get out or would you rather stay? Why? Describe the exit. Do you leave?

First impressions. Words and images that come to mind as I read the prompt.

a cave
smell: piney woods, plants, light breeze
hear; water waterfall, running water
touch: cool, warmer warm, light breeze, rock underfoot
sight: heading toward entrance of cave, sunshine filtered through trees, pool, waterfall,
taste: spring water
touch: moss underfoot, rocks, trees, sit on a log, dablle feet in the pool
sight: I'll stay for a while, till it's time to go home

Putting it all together

I'm comfortable. This doesn't feel like a bad place. Just dark... getting lighter as I walk. Something good is up ahead; I sense nothing bad about this place.

I begin to smell dust and a faint smell of pine. There's a breeze. I can smell plants on the breeze, as well as water. It's getting lighter.

I hear water; it sounds like a waterfall! That might be pleasant.

It's neither hot nor cold; a pleasant temparature. I'm wearing a flannel shirt, jeans, boots. (Odd, I never wear boots :-) I feel rock under my feet and the occasional pebble. I seem to be in a cave. As I reach the entrance to the cave, there's more light and I look out into a wooded glen.

Sunshine filters through the trees. The smell of pine and plants is stronger. There's a waterfall (as I thought!) and a pool. There's a spring as well, off to the side. The water looks clear. A deer is drinking from the spring so I wait, then try the water. It's fresh and cold.

There are rocks and logs around the pool, with soft moss and some sandy patches. This is nice. I sit on the bank and dabble my toes while the sunlight plays on the water.

Off to the left I see another cave with a red Exit sign above it. That's convenient. I'll be able to go home when I decide to. However, for now I'll just sit here by the pool. Perhaps the deer will return.

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