Monday January 19, 2004

1 Terabyte. Really

In a bit of understatement, storage enclosure manufacturer LaCie announced the "Bigger Disk" this week, a device that houses a full terabyte of storage.

c.f., "LaCie Boosts PC External Storage To 1 Terabyte", Jan 16, 2004

The LaCie Bigger Disk, with the largest hard drive capacity available, is a unique innovation that packs an amazing 1 terabyte of storage space in a manageable 5.25" form factor. With this unsurpassed storage capacity, the LaCie Bigger Disk allows users to store nearly two years of continuous music and up to one month of non-stop MPEG-2 video1. Truly plug and play, this device requires no driver or software installation for Windows XP and Mac OS X users.



Gosh. I can remember when the 20 MB hard disk from Apple was a "big thing". I can remember when prices dropped to a dollar a Megabyte. I can remember when we were impressed by the advent of the 1 GB disks.

References (from FOLDOC, the Free On-Line Dictionary of Computing.)

byte = 1 (standard) unit of storage. One byte typically holds one character.
kilobyte (KB; kilo = "thousand) = 2^10 or 1024 bytes
megabyte (MB; mega = "million") = 2^ 20 or 1,048,576 bytes = 1024 kilobytes. The text of a six hundred page paperback book would require about a megabyte of storage.
gigabyte (GB) = 1024 megabytes. Roughly the amount of data required to encode a human gene sequence (including all the redundant codons).
terabyte = 1024 gigabytes

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