Sunday January 18, 2004

Purple Miscellany

[ This (past) week's writing prompts from Purple Ink , If you like journal writing, join Purple Ink!]

Monday : Pick your favorite color and write about it: why you like it, how it makes you feel, what 'pictures' come to mind when you think of that color.

Tuesday : Spray your favorite air freshner then write what you think about.

Wednesday : Look at yourself in the mirror for a few minutes. Describe the you that you see physically, emotionally, spiritually.

Thursday : Describe what it is like when you wake up in the morning.

Friday : What is your favorite time of day? Describe it.

Saturday : Close your eyes and imagine yourself on a walk around your neighborhood. Imagine all the things you see, hear, and smell. Describe your walk.

Sunday : Decide what is your favorite word. Think about it for a while and write why you like that particular word.

Monday :

My favorite color... see Color Me Maroon.


We don't use air freshener (or perfumes, or scented candles, or...).

I love the smell of real vanilla. I love the smells of spices: cinnamon, nutmeg (especially fresh nutmeg), ginger. I even like cloves (in smaller quantities). When we drive down US Hwy 101 to Santa Barbara, the road goes past the McCormick/Schilling plant in Salinas, CA. We always roll down the windows to catch the aroma of whatever is "cooking". Often it smells of poultry seasoning; in November/December the smell is pumpkin pie spice. Ahhhhh. Ummmmmm. It's just... really... nice!

I love the smell of pine - it reminds me of walking through a piney woods. I can close my eyes and see the woods, feel moss and pine needles under my feet. The same goes for eucalyptus (although I hate the taste, I like the smell; we often walk through areas under eucalyptus trees). I love the smell of menthol. Vick's mentholatum spray and balms make me feel comfortable, relaxed, and sleepy (possibly because I can breathe better).


When I look in the mirror...

...I see someone I've known forever :-)

...I see a familiar face, familiar hair and eyes. I haven't changed much since College. I wear my hair only slightly differently (across the forehead now; same length). My glasses frames are lighter. I weigh more (too much more!) but I don't notice that unless it's a full-length mirror and even then I may not notice right away. Although, intellectually, I know I'm overweight, (and I'm working on that - seeing steady downward progress since September!), I have always had a good body image. This is both a blessing and a nuisance (in terms of losing weight).

...I see my mother. It's a good thing I like my mother (and how my mother looks) because aside from the hair, my face is slowly becoming my mother's face. (Mom says she sees my grandmother in the mirror now).

...I see someone who's doing fairly well for herself. Happy with spouse, cats, and home. Living in a place she likes. Satisfied with her choice of career (if jobless at present). Someone who has had more than her share of downs, some ups, is still holding in there. No grey hairs yet. Not too many wrinkles. A bit too much dark under the eyes at times. A pleasant smile, even teeth (slightly tea stained but whatchagonnado?). Not gorgeous, not bad looking. Nice.

...I see a friend. I get along pretty well with myself. I've always been able to look myself in the eye (in the mirror :-)

...I see me.


First thoughts upon waking up: "I don't want to get up. I'm sleepy. I want to go back to sleep". (this is regardless of whether an alarm clock woke me or not. I tend to wake up slowly and sleepily, as opposed to Rich who normally wakes up and is, then, pretty much awake). If I've been dreaming, it's especially difficult for me to wake up.

Next thoughts: cats. Are there cats in bed with me? This makes a difference in how quickly I get out of bed. Am I under a cat, next to a cat, snuggled with a cat? Then out of bed. I stagger to the bathroom, ruffling kitty heads on the way. I do all I need to do. Then back to the bedroom; more ruffling of heads.

About now I usually hear Squirrel calling from somewhere in the hall, the living room, or the kitchen. Squirrel is very much attuned to Vickimom waking up because that process heralds breakfast.

If this is a weekday and I awoke to an alarm clock, I usually rouse Rich at about this time (unless he's already awake). Then I may take the opportunity to sleep for another hour, as I don't "have to" get up quite so early (not having a commute ahead of me).

Raven may show up demanding lap; if he does, we'll sit snuggle. Or Bebop will come for some loving. He usually kneads the back of my neck (and my hair on the pillow).

Finally (possibly an hour or so later, if I went back to sleep), I choose clothing for today; I get dressed. Then we all troop out to the kitchen to get breakfast for the cats and to start the day. Friday :

My favorite time of day is between 7 pm and midnight or a while after. I'm reasonably alert (this is my most alert time of day). If I've been lucky enough to get a nap, I'm awake again. The cats are up; they've had dinner and we often play games between 7 and 10. Rich and I are both home and awake during these hours. Dinner is sometime between 7 and 8 most nights. There are few pressures. It's a good time of day.


We go for a walk around the neighborhood fairly often, generally after dinner (after dark). We tend to head out across the street and through the park. Then down the hill on the other side of the park and through a corner of our development. We follow one of the two roads that lead out of the development, through a eucalyptus grove, where the eucalyptus nuts (they look like Hershey's kisses) roll under our feet. If it's foggy, or it's been raining, the trees give off a pleasant, pungent aroma. Both sides of this road are mostly trees for about 1/4 mile (no houses at road level), then it goes uphill a bit into another, newer development, where the houses are large, interesting, expensive, and much too close together. We walk on through to another, older neighborhood, of smaller, mostly one-story houses, around a long block, across the entrance to the nearby community College, and back around the loop, into our development, back up the hill, across the park and home.

Sometimes we come the long way around the hill. That way the houses stop on the west side of the road because that area is all county jail land (first) and then preserve (Golden Gate National Recreation Area). The jail, oddly, doesn't belong to our county, but to San Francisco County. They rent the land for it here because they "don't have enough room" to have their own jail. The jail is always well lit. As we pass from jail land to preserve, we usually hear frogs croaking. I think there's a swamp down there, somewhere.

At some times of year, we can hear coyotes in the ridge, or owls in the park across from our house. We walk back home through the west end of our neighborhood, slightly up hill and back to our house. It's not a flat walk but the way we do it isn't very steep either for most of the distance covered.


My favorite word.... do I have a favorite word? I'll go for the first one that popped into my head when I read this prompt: feline.

Feline is a cat. Feline is whiskers swept, eyes bright, ears cocked, tail held high. Feline is sleek, smooth, soft, graceful, athletic, sinuous, limber. Feline is running, jumping, climbing, pouncing, sleeping. Feline is fur, short and smooth or long and silky. Feline is a deep rumbling purr, a musical trill, a soft meow, a full-throated yowl. Feline is a leopard in the jungle, a desert cat on the prowl, a house cat in the sun. Feline is eyes that glow in the dark. Feline is magic.

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