Sunday January 18, 2004

I want to be a kitty

[ Today's meme is courtesy of Saturday Slant, week 42 ]

Reincarnation has brought you back as a family's pet.
Given a choice, what common pet animal would you be? Would you prefer to be an indoor pet, an outdoor pet, or one who splits her time? What kind of owner(s) would you prefer? Write your Saturday Slant blog entry as if you were the animal, a family pet with a blog written for other family pets. Document a day in the life of you, family pet.

Well, Duh! This one's a no-brainer. I would want to come back as a Maine Coon cat, specifically a purebred, healthy, happy, loving and loved, indoor feline family member (just like ours :-). I would want hooman parents just like myself and my spouse.

A Day in the Life? That's easy.

felicia-100 I wake at dawn and stretch. The hoomans are still asleep, so I hop out of bed and pad to the kitchen to see if there are any crunchies. I'm in luck; I won't starve. After a small snack to boost my energy level, I head out to the screen porch to see if that grey-furred critter is out there. It is! And there are birds too! My brofur is already awake and watching. We briefly touch noses, then I join him.

Ooooooh. I crouch, ears perked, tail flipping gently side to side and watch. The grey critter moves a little bit. I wish I could get closer. Then, suddenly, it runs across the front of the screenporch. My brofur and I run too, to the other end to look out the window. It jumps into a bush and is gone. I'll look for it again later; it will probably come back.

I wonder if mom is up yet? With a brief stop by the crunchy bowl, just to fortify myself for later, I head back to the bedroom and hop up on the bed. Mom's seems to still asleep, but I walk up her, stop on her pillow and peer into her face, just to make sure. She opens one eye and reaches out a hand to stroke my head.Ah, that's more like it. I'll wait for a bit before I mention breakfast. There. Scratch right there, behind my ear.

After some cuddling, Mom gets up and puts on her "clothes". Silly hoomans. If they had fur like sensible creatures, they wouldn't have to do all of this "dressing" and 'undressing'. As we (finally!) head out to the kitchen for breakfast, I start thinking abut my day.

I think today I will sit in the front window for a while and watch the birds. Then I'll take a nap at the top of the cat tree. After my nap, I'll find my brofur and have a wrestle with him; that's always fun. If he nips me I'll squeak and Mom will say "Now, you two, be careful". After we wrestle, we'll find a place near Mom and curl up for another nap. After all, one cannot have too many naps! If we're lucky, Mom will even nap with us. We'll sleep till supper and then - food time again!

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