Tuesday January 13, 2004

Color me Maroon

[ Today's question comes courtesy of Purple Ink ]

Pick your favorite color and write about it:
why you like it, how it makes you feel, what 'pictures' come to mind when you think of that color...

I prefer bright colors and dark "fall" and "winter" shades. I'm not a fan of most pastels, certainly not for clothing.

When I was little, my stated favorite color was red. Possibly because I have red hair. Any other "reasons" are lost in the mists of time... Does one need a "reason" for a favorite color? or is it just a visceral thing? Some colors one likes, others are so-so, still others hit you with a feeling of yuck.)

Most yellows, many oranges, and browns in the yellowey- orangey- range trip my "yuck" sensors. I've read that "most people" pick blue as their favorite color when asked; personally, I can take blue or leave it.

I've also read that "favorite color" is an "American" thing and that people from other cultures often respond, "favorite color _what_?".

As I've grown older, I've narrowed my description from "red" to (more specifically) the bluer reds. The orangey reds do nothing for me (probably related to my dislike of yellowey- orangey- shades!). I'm a blue-green side of the color wheel person. Depending who asks me, I'm more likely to say my favorite color is "maroon" (aka burgundy, dark red).

My second favorite color is teal; again, I don't know why (although it goes very well with maroon). I just like it. It "feels" good. When I was little, I don't think I even knew teal existed ;-) I like all shades of teal, but I prefer the dark shades of maroon.

Whenever I set up a new computer, I set my system highlight color to a light teal. When I'm required to use Windoze (I use a Mac by choice), I set my desktop and window colors to the Teal theme (with the desktop lightened up a bit).

How do these colors make me feel? Calm, happy, centered, familiar, oriented, comfortable.

What pictures come to mind? Interesting question. Maroon is a fall/winter color. Maroon and Teal are "winter" colors. Oddly, winter is not my favorite season. I'm not overly crazy about fall, either. No real "pictures" come to mind; in my mind, I simply see the colors. I might briefly think of snow, or of a warm maroon sweater.

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