Thursday January 8, 2004

Top Dead Center

[ Today's meme courtesy of The Thursday Threesome at The Back Porch ]

Whew! Are you done with the holiday thing yet? Let's start things off for the new year in the proper position...

Onesome: Top-- Now that things have calmed down, what's at the top of your list to take care of? School? The garden? Shoveling the snow?

Twosome: Dead-- ...and then again, what got so dead and buried in the holiday fluff that you may not be able to get get it restarted? That weight loss thing? Reading? Relaxing???

Threesome: Center-- Yeah, relaxing! What are you doing to try to keep yourself centered this year? Some serious down time? Yoga? Long walks in the country?

My thoughts:

Onesome: Top--
Job. Always job. I actually have a small temporary contract that I need to start work on immediately.

Twosome: Dead--
Actually, we're pretty solid in this regard. I don't think anything really came unglued. (Of course, we avoided the holiday fluff almost entirely ;-) The weight loss thing didn't exactly pick up speed, but I didn't roll back either. No cookies; one piece of pumpkin cheesecakes, a few shared deserts, very little bread or potatoes... I don't think there's anything that was already moving along that I won't be able to get restarted (including the job hunting thing).

Threesome: Center--
As always - walks with Rich, naps with the kitties, journal/weblog writing, reading...

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