Thursday January 8, 2004

A Passion for Paper

I considered titling this "Paper Fetish"

fetish n. 2. An object of unreasonably excessive attention or reverence
but I decided that the other definitions for fetish were just too far out for me. I'd hate for anyone to jump to the wrong conclusions... some people will find the right conclusions to be just a little strange as it is. :-)

Do other people who like to write (whether you keep a regular journal or not, paper version or online) share a similar passion for paper as mine? I can't remember a time when I didn't care about using just the right sort of notebook, just the right type of tablet, for a project or a class.

A fellow-journaler and mailing list member recently wrote:

... my old journal and I ran out of pages on the fourth. So I panicked. I forgot about the five blank and beautiful journals in my journal box, and drove very quickly to Salt Lake, 33 miles away, and straight to the arms of my favorite Barnes and... sigh. I didn't find the one I wanted there. So I went around, hoping that I would run across it before I died of shoppers empty purse. And I did! It's beautiful. Red leather, beautifully embossed cover, and elegant pages inside. So, of course, I had to get a new pen to go with it.
Even though my journaling activities are largely electronic these days, I understood exactly what she meant! I thought "Well, of course. I would feel the same way".

I am, I admit, a collector of tablets, notebooks, blank books... When I see a "perfect" notebook, I buy it (and maybe a couple of spares if it's really wonderful), just so I have it handy when the perfect project comes up. I even use some of these! My work journals are all written in mead cardboard-covered composition books (of which I have about 2 dozen). I use the 1/4 inch ruling if I plan to write fast (and sloppily) and the "College" ruling if I want something nicer or longer-lasting and I have time to write slowly and carefully.

I recently pulled my collection of hard-cover blank books out of the closet and set them on a shelf behind my desk. I bought them "for nice" (over several decades); I might as well be able to see them.

I spent some time in the bookstore yesterday looking at the gorgeous leather-bound journals (with marbeled covers and end papers). Picking up different books, opening them, appreciating the workmanship, inspecting the paper, caressing the leather ;-) I went there to return a duplicate book; it wasn't a special trip to look at journals, but, as long as I was there... and the line for the cashier was so long.... Yummm. I was "good"; I didn't buy one. Relatives, however, may consider this a hint for future gift ideas. I still have some room on my shelf.

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