Wednesday December 31, 2003


Life is a journey through time. We travel backward through memories and forward through plans and dreams. The past is on the horizon behind us; the future is on the horizon before us.

What memories of 2003 are most clear in your mind? Which do you want most to pack to take with you on your journey into the future? If you could have a yearbook made for 2003, what would you put in it?

What are your plans and dreams for 2004? What do you see on the forward horizon? Trips? Family visits? A move, a new addition to the family, a job change? What's coming? What do you hope will form the memories you'll save next year?


One of my best-held memories of 2003 is the April afternoon that we picked up Raven, our rescue kitty, at the airport. With many thanks to Bari for rescuing him and for considering (and agreeing to) the possibility that Raven could ride in the big airplane alone to come to California! He's my sweet baby bearcat and a wonderful cuddlebug.

Another fond memory would be that this was the year we had grey squirrels. We caught the first glimpse in December, 2002, but didn't really see squirrels regularly until they found the feeder in April 2003. After nearly 15 years in this house, finally! We have squirrels (daily!) in our back yard. We have raccoons too!

My parents and sister visited for Thanksgiving (my parents for almost 2 weeks, my sister for the weekend before TG). No one was sick, nothing went wrong, and we had two Thanksgiving dinners that couldn't be beat.

Rich saw Willy Claflin at a storytelling festival near Santa Barbara back in the spring, came home and told me abut it (and played the CDs) and I became an instant fan. I got the chance to see both Willy and his cohort, Maynard Moose, when Rich and I attended a Storytelling Festival in Northern CA in September.

We had some wonderful "up close and personal" encounters with nature, including deer, lizards, pocket gophers and a California King snake on some of our walks, and a great time at the Wild Cat Adventure sponsoired by Leopards, Etc.

2003 was the year I really started my weblog. In fact, I started three more in addition to the one I began (barely) in 2002. I did a lot of writing in all of them, got my family involved in one, and set up a weblog for my sister!

We saw several great movies and read many good books. We went to some really interesting conferences. I met new people through my weblogging and mailing lists. We discovered the South Beach Diet (which actually seems to be working, albeit slowly).

It was a good year.


Nothing immediately stands out.. We have no upcoming trips planned, no plans for anyone to visit us.

Rich has a contract; he'll be returning to work on Monday Jan 5. I'm still hoping for a job (preferably a good one, something I will enjoy). Let's call that a plan, shall we? Vicki will get a job in 2004 — sounds good to me. ;-)

There's another Wild Cat Adventure coming up in January. Also my birthday. Bebop's birthday is in January as well (one week from today; Happy Birthday Teddybearcat).

Other than that, more walks, more books, more cozy nights at home. More snuggles with the furkids. If this is a "rut", it's a good rut to be in.

Wishing you and yours everything you could want from 2004 —
health, contentment, and sufficient wealth to make good things possible.

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