Sunday December 28, 2003

Treasures III

Treasures are positive things that strike my fancy, things that make me feel happy or thankful or interested; things that are worth remembering; memories encapsulated in just a few words.

Please feel free to start your own lists of Treasures, on your own weblog or here in the comments.

  • Har gow, Sui mai, Char siu bow, Char siu soow, Nor mai gai. Sesame balls, Mango pudding, Coconut milk jello. Dim Sum!
  • sitting together, both reading, on a quiet Sunday evening - one of our favorite shared activites
  • the many varied shades of purring
  • sinking into a hot tub, feeling every muscle relax. (The Japanese had a great idea here).
  • long snuggles followed by a nap with Raven
  • making the bed (with help from the "Giant Alien Slimemold" (aka Raven))
  • the Bison in Golden Gate Park
  • foam-topped Surf and crashing waves under a steel sky
  • Mezzaluna. Our sweet green-eyed princess celebrates her third anniversary with us this week!
  • great new word: humom! (I am my kitties' humom)
  • naps with kitties; falling asleep with two; waking with four
  • thunderstorm at dawn, lying in bed, listening to the rain
  • Christmas cards & letters from old friends and new
  • good friends accompanying us for Christmas dinner, telling us everything was perfect (even if the steaks were scorched)
  • candy-striped pasta for Christmas dinner
  • cat tummies! (tickle tickle; wooga wooga)
  • two grey squirrels at the feeder, snagging sunflower seeds; cats watching intently

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