Sunday December 21, 2003

Treasures II

My second week of Treasures — positive things that strike my fancy, things that make me feel happy or thankful or interested — things that are worth remembering, even in just a few words.

Please feel free to start your own lists of Treasures, on your own weblog or here in the comments.

  • staying up till 3 am, surrounded by sleeping kitties, to finish a good book
  • reading a fun description of the Central Park Zoo (posted to one of my favorite mailing lists)
  • finding more weblog memes to play with :-)
  • Eggs Florentine
  • a perfect bowl of fruit — firm yet tasty pears, ripe bananas, sweet grapefruit, crisp apples, juicy oranges, exquisite grapes
  • a car transporting a load of extra long boards, the ends of the boards tagged for visibility using the red cloth zippered first-aid kit from the car
  • Willy Claflin and Maynard Moose; Willy's new CD, Where Were you in '72?
  • a raccoon in our front yard when we went out Sunday evening (at only 7:30!)
  • cranberry margaritas (only available in December!)
  • sharing lunch with one of my best friends
  • sleepy kitties
  • donating a practically unused set of the Encyclopædia Britannica to one of our favorite waitresses for her kids for Christmas
  • catnaps
  • Bebop, intently watching the kitchen sink, ears perked, every muscle tense until... bloop! the remaining water goes down
  • An owl in the park across the street - Hootdeyoo hoo hoo
  • Seabiscuit Way, the new designation for the 20 yards of intersection at the traffic light on Sneath Lane between the Tanforan Mall and the Towne Centre Shopping Center parking lots - one of the shortest "streets" I think I've ever seen!
  • another raccoon on the back porch (on the sunroom roof). The kitties were most curious.
  • A fungus amongus - the impressive batch of toadstools popping up in our front yard, starting out bright red and ending up chocolate brown, always shiny and ebullient

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