Thursday December 18, 2003

What Are You Reading?

I just finished the fourth book in S. J. Rozan's Bill Smith and Lydia Chin series. The stories are told in the first person with the perspective alternating from Lydia to Bill and back from book to book. Book #4 (No Colder Place) is written from Bill's perspective and I'm happy to say I liked it much more than the second book (Concourse). This is good, as I find myself liking Bill when Lydia talks about him in "her" books. I guess my problem with Concourse was the setting and the story then, not with Bill's cases in general. Wheew!

I did find myself going back to read most of Concourse, to fill in some gaps. In particular, there was a back-reference in No Colder Place that referred to an event in the previous book, that I had missed when I stopped reading the first time. So now, although I didn't precisely "finish" the previous novel, I've read most of it (if in a slightly convoluted fashion) and I am up to date on the lives of the characters.

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