Monday December 15, 2003

Hearts Gladness

Yet another meme :-)

I've decided to try to play along with the idea of Heart's Gladness, although I'll post mine here, and I may do it weekly or whenever I think of something. Heart's Gladness is described by its creators as "a series of our reflections on the aspects of our lives which make us happy, bring us hope and bring us joy." I see the difference between this and Treasures as one of quantity rather than quality. Treasures are many small positive snippets as found during my week. Heart's Gladness is one or two reflections-at-large, described in more words.

Hearts Gladness is...

...Spending the Thanksgiving holiday with family. My sister and parents arriving the weekend before. A lovely TG feast with family and friends. My parents staying for another week. A second dinner spent with family and friends. Getting through the entire period without much conflict. Sorry to see everyone go home (but happy to have our house back). Hearing about the huge snowfall two days later and glad the folks left when they did and had a reasonably "pleasant", "short", and uneventful trip home!

Hearts Gladness is...

...Net friends who joined my new mailing list adventure "just because" — and who are helping to make it a good list by their contributions.

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